In remembrance

"I am greatly grieved to deliver the news of the loss of Ryan Baker. Ryan passed in his sleep last night. This was totally unexpected and a shock to all of us. Ryan was a loyal employee and a dear friend. He loved to grill and would often promote clinic unity by organizing carry-ins, in which he would often bring his grill and be in charge of the meat. He had nicknames for everyone and was always keeping us smiling. Ryan was so giving of his time. He would often put his friend's needs above his own and go out of his way to help those in need. He was always willing to come over and help process lambs, ultrasound ewes, or just talk livestock. I've never met anyone so compassionate about their cattle. He treated them better than most treat their pets. He loved his family. I loved watching his dad and him interact and hearing the stories with the typical Ryan flair. Ryan will be greatly missed. Life is a gift from God and I am thankful to have Ryan as a friend these past 20 years." -Dr. Smith


Ryan was one of our veterinary assistants. He lived in Bristol where he raised cattle and pigs with his family. His two dogs, Deni and Whitney who are Treeing Mountain Feists will miss him dearly. Ryan enjoyed grilling, baking, hunting, fishing, camping, showing cattle, fitting cattle and roasting hogs for any occasion and we are so grateful to have known such a kind, hard-working and compassionate man.

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